The Hijab Lab
Our Story

It all started with a quest to find comfortable pin-free Hijabs that did not compromise style. Unfortunately the majority one-size fits all pin-free Hijabs on the market come pre-fit. The Hijab Lab started with a vision to create a pin-free Hijab that can be adjusted by the wearer as well as styled in different ways. It took us 1 year and hundreds of prototypes later to finally design the ultimate Hijab. Our Convertible Wrap Hijab is pin-free, can be styled 20 different ways, and sports and Ear Port for glasses, sunglasses, headphones, and even Stethoscopes!


The Convertible Wrap Hijab has so many features we stopped counting! This sleek pin-free design takes only seconds to put on. At The Hijab Lab we understand that everyone is different so we made this Hijab adjustable so you can get the perfect fit. When you're on the go you don't have time to fidget with your Hijab. With this contoured cut you never have to worry about pulling or tugging. The special cut (based on the golden ratio) fits all sizes and falls just right so you can accessorize without fabric bunching up on you! Our Hijab is designed so you can tuck the back or front in to get the coverage you want.

The Convertible Wrap Hijab can be styled 20 different ways all with no pins! You have full control with this unique hijab. Control the fit, the coverage, and the style of this Hijab. In seconds you can take your Hijab from a casual look to a formal one.

This sleek Hijab design has ear ports. Get quick access for your glasses, sunglasses, earphones, and even stethoscopes! Our unique design let's you easily slip them in without exposing your skin, ears, or hair. The convenient ear port allows for direct contact with the ear without an exposure.

Another great feature of the Convertible Wrap Hijab? It's jewelry friendly! That's right, you can wear short and long necklaces with this Hijab without the bothersome bunching around the neck. We asked hundreds of Muslim women: What would you want in your dream hijab? We got the same answers. We want style, comfort, and functionality.