East Essence is the largest and top brand for Islamic Clothes Worldwide. We are proud to be the only option for modest school uniforms readily available worldwide. We went from serving 2 schools to over 50 in just a few years. We offer a variety of styles and sizes to fit the need of any school or organization, while offering the lowest price for the best value. East Essence is a name you know, trust and is available for customer support through phone, chat and email to help serve you.

How Do I get Started?

Congratulations on deciding to use East Essence for your organizations uniform! Register your school below. Once you submit all necessary information, a school uniform representative will contact you to confirm all information and complete registration with you. We ask that your school become proactive in making sure that parents and students are equipped with the right style and size uniform. To help you do this, we will provide you with one free sample set of uniforms once your registration is approved with East Essence. **School is required to provide credit card for authorization if you change your mind about ordering, you will be responsible for the sample set sent to you. If no CC is available, you will need to pay for the sample set.

The purpose of providing you with the sample set of sizes is to assure that EVERY student try on a uniform and secure their size. We will end one sample set for sizing purposes only. If a school selects numerous styles, they will still only receive one sample set. Additional sample sets will need to be purchased. Sample sets are for size assistance only and the final decision on size is up to the parent and student.

Bulk Ordering:

A school may choose to collect orders from their students and place a bulk order. The bulk order will be shipped directly to the school. Orders of $500 or more will receive a 10% discount on bulk orders.

Site to Student Ordering:

With this option, EastEssence.com creates a customized webstore for your school, containing only your school's uniforms. The uniform will be shipped straight to your door.

Logo Option:

We offer logo options for an additional $4.99 per uniform. We have 3 logo option placements, 2 styles and 2 size options. You must upload a jpeg of your logo when submitting form.

School Uniform Policy:
  • School must sign a contract before school can be added to site and sample set sent
  • If a school decides not to order with East Essence after a sample set has been sent, they will be charged for that set.
  • East Essence will not replace a sample set if it is misused or lost. School will be responsible for purchasing a new set so students are able to purchase the correct size.
  • Uniforms without logo may be exchanged only.
  • Uniforms with a logo are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged. If a parent chooses the incorrect size or item, they must keep the item. Once an order is submitted a invoice is sent to parents and it is there responsibility to contact us within 24 hours in case there is an error on the invoice.