100% Modest | 100% Size Inclusive

Each garment passes a modesty test for comfort fit and zero opacity. From fully lined abayas to customize length options to fit every height we are here to support your modest way of life fully.

Plus sizes upto 7xl and an opportunity to fully customize the garments with our stylist's help, we are committed to being size inclusive.

Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback
I am delighted with this beautiful abaya! Which I ordered in the color "serenity" for a special event in honor of Tāhirah. It arrived in perfect timing.
— Terry Dillon, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Customer Feedback
The design is really nice and fits well. I really like the salwar kameez and would still purchase it again as I like the design and it's reasonably priced compared to other sites.
— Tammy, Ontario, Canada
women wearing yellow and black color sherwani style long shirt
Customer Feedback

Bought this specifically to accommodate Australian summers and no fuss abaya/dress and this is IT!Verdict: I love it!-
— Lisa, Salisbury North, Australia
Customer Feedback
No joke I literally feel like I'm wearing a blanket I wasn't expecting it to be this soft and comfortable Allahuma Barek this is the perfect abaya for winter time- its so warm and comfy.
— Deena, Michigan, United States
Customer Feedback
This is so pretty Allahuma Barek! The colors and patterns are prettier in person, and I'm in love with the layered sleeves, SO CUTE! I hope to see more of this style/fabric abaya in shaa Allah!
— Bint Zayad, Michigan, United States
women wearing graphic Printed Crepe Layered Sleeves Abaya
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A call toreject human greed for natural resources, have respect for “perfect equilibrium” of nature, and focus on the need for recognition of the “moral obligation” towards conservation

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