LAB Cosmética Específica

LAB Cosmética Específica uses the latest advances in biotechnology, as well as phytocompounds and natural active ingredients, making use of the best in botany and marine extracts to provide immediate effects and outstanding results.

We work without parabens, perfumes and silicones, thereby creating 100% hypoallergenic products. Our state-of-the-art laboratories develop high-end facial cosmetics, complying with the most demanding medical and scientific standards. During this process, no form of animal testing is employed. The LAB Cosmética Específica laboratories consist of pharmacists and experts in oceanographic biology, botany and dermatology, who base their advanced biotechnological research on the use of the best and most effective, naturally obtained active ingredients, proceeding from algae and plant extracts. Safe, innovative and highly effective active ingredients are the basis of all our high-end cosmetics.

We conduct cutting edge research to provide our treatments with effective and clearly visible antioxidant effects, which succeed in alleviating the aging process, while restructuring the skin’s maintainance. This scientific research, aimed at developing our cosmetic products, makes them safe and means that their surprising results can be seen from the very first application.

We create effective treatments that simultaneously produce an all-round effect and a comforting sensation when in contact with the skin, due to their excellent textures. The transformed skin feels soft, with an exceptional capacity for recovering the density and firmness of youth. Our values and commitment to our customers lead us to produce hypoallergenic therapies with a high natural content, completely avoiding the use of chemicals such as mineral oils, silicones and parabens, which clog the pores of the skin, inhibit the skin’s natural functions, leave residue that is difficult to remove and cause allergic, irritant and toxic reactions. Likewise we oversee the entire process, certifying that our products have not been tested on animals.