EastEssence Marketplace : Supporting Artisans Around the World!

Welcome to The East Essence Marketplace, where we introduce your passion to the rest of the world!

The Benefits :
  • Sell to Millions of EastEssence Customers all around the world at a click
  • Your OWN Store! You can upload all your latest approved items
  • Earn Money without the investment! Let us promote you through our media and marketing channels.
  • Be a member of an authentic American Marketplace and get your product & your brand recognized instantly. An initiative of EE to support homegrownand worldwide artisans
What & Who we are looking for :
  • Artisans, at home moms, unique and innovative designers.
  • Must be a unique item not currently sold on our site, mass produced and easily found, think Etsy!
  • Made locally or at home
  • Products we ideally would like to have on our site: hijab pins, hijabs, home goods, halal cosmetics, books and items unique to your home country.
  • Small town artisans, such as locals making goods related to their cultures.
The Basics :
  • Once your shop is approved, all items listed must be approved by East Essence
  • Samples must be mailed for inspection before listed
  • Items listed are exclusive to East Essence and cannot be sold on competitor sites, except for your own site, Amazon and Ebay.
  • Sellers pays 20% commission from each sale.
  • You will be subject to all East Essence website policies, including shipping times, fees and returns.
  • Damaged or incorrect items sent to customer will be seller liability.
  • Shipping is seller’s responsibility.
  • Product images must be taken by seller and shot in real life: No more than a 5% variance from actual item. Unclear images will not be listed.
We are here to make your on boarding process fun and seamless!