Posted on by Shailendra Singh

Earlier this year we received a request from a sister that is the vice president of the MSA (Muslim Student Association) at Portland Community College in Oregon. She was hosting an even entitled “The Hijab Try-out”, allowing non-Muslim women at the school an opportunity to wear hijab for a day. The goal of the event was to experience wearing the hijab both physically and emotionally.

East Essence donated some hijabs for the event. We are happy to support events that spread awareness and educate non-Muslims on Islamic practice. Additionally, we like to support young students taking imitative and leadership roles.

Sister Serine who hosted the event had this to say:
“Alhamdulilah the Hijab event was a great success! Mashallah it turned out beyond amazing and I really want to thank you so much for the Hijab donations, they were absolutely beautiful and the girls went crazy over them Mashallah!”

You can watch a video compilation here of their event:


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