Meet the EastEssence 2016 Scholarship winners

Asalaam Alaikum We at are proud to announce the winners of our 2016 Scholarship program. Our winners are chosen not only for their outstanding scholarly achievements but for their character, commitment to the community and the potential for leadership. These young leaders apart from excelling in their education have contributed immensely to those around them and their communities. Every year it is really a tough decision for us to select these 8 winners out of over 4000 applications. Each one has a compelling story of struggles and achievements, giving and leadership and we feel so helpless sometimes that there is so little we can do. Imagine if we could help 80 or 800, how that would shape our community. But that is a battle we have to fight with your help by making East Essence a more successful brand so we can do much more for the community. We need your constant support and inputs to be better than what we are and do more than what we are doing now. We are your brand and we represent all of us, and together we will keep doing better.

Thank you for being a part of the EastEssence family!

1. Asmaa Ahmed, Egypt times you may think everything is going wrong but then Allah sets everything right. The news of this scholarship is Allah telling me he is setting things right. Alhamdulillah

2. Arif ul Baig, India

...Electronics Engineering 3rd year student. This scholarship will help me continue my education which has been in jeopardy because I could not pay for my living expenses and have to support an ailing mother.In Sha' Allah Tala someday I will be in a position to help others like East Essence has helped me today. Jazak Allah Khairan Eastessence people.

3. Deena Dahsan, USA

...student at Marshall University pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in biology with a premed focus. Medicine is a field that women sometimes shy away from and are discouraged to pursue. I want to make a difference by helping relieve people's pain as a doctor but also by building a better image of Muslim women as hardworking and important pillars of this society. We have the potential for great things, but it requires patience, determination and gratitude. Alhamdullilah this is all from the blessings of God. The generosity of the East Essence Scholarship makes it easier to achieve my goal financially, so I can spend more time focusing on my studies. I never imagined that I would receive this opportunity, and I encourage all of my sisters to never give up anything no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time

4. Hibo A, UK

5. Nusrat Javed, Bangladesh

Student of medicine at the KM College I am pursuing a dream to work towards serving the underprivileged in my country. My father died when I was 7 years old and shortly after that my mother passed away. I have been brought up by my Grandfather who is a retired Post Master and survives off a meager pension. I have struggled my way through school, college and now Medical College. It has been a struggle studying and working to pay for my education. I am so thankful to EastEssence for this award. It has relieved me of the immense pressure of paying my tution fees. Now I can without any pressure and stress devote myself to the dream of completing my degree in Medicine. Thank You East Essence, Thank You.

6. Siti Syuhada Binte Faizal, Singapore

Today, as a Muslim, nothing is more important to me than seeking the pleasure of Allah SWT. One way to do that is through seeking knowledge for the sake of Allah SWT. The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: "Whoever takes a path upon which to obtain knowledge, Allah makes the path to Paradise easy for him" (At-Tirmidzi). One of my main goals in life is thus to constantly seek knowledge so that I can contribute to the community and society at large. It is thus important for me to pursue education to the highest level and I am determined to be the first member in my family to graduate with a doctorate.

7. Tasmiha Khan, USA

.......a health professional and public health enthusiast. She is an advocate of higher education. When not studying, she works with American Muslim Health Professionals as a Youth Liaison and does research on examining the different emotions Muslim Americans has been facing after 9/11. She enjoys learning about spiritual development and stargazing"

8. Zeenat Waris, India

.......Writer, Activist, Mother, Wife, and Student defines the many roles I play every day. I believe a smile is the most beautiful curve on a women's body, education is the most precious belonging and for every woman her hijab is her crown. Thank you East essence for this scholarship award that will help me pursue my dreams.

February 05, 2019 — Shailendra Singh

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