Asalaamualaykum sis hope you are well I graduated in MbChb Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, and I also got married in June Alhamdulillah...two blessings in one week!!

Alhamdulillah receiving the scholarship was truly a blessing from Allah SWT. It was a great help alhamdulillah and helped me a lot with my finances...I was able to pay for my books as well as my you can imagine living away is very expensive!! I used to worry a lot about finances and in addition to this I was quite stressed with finals. Alhamdulillah the scholarship took care of the financial side which indeed was a great blessing. Allah SWt provides for you from sources which you can never imagine and I truly did not think that I would get the scholarship. alhamdulillah my du'as were accepted. I want to thank my family, friends and the East Essence team for helping me through my hardships by the will of Allah SWT. I am very grateful Alhamdulillah. From experience I have realised that there is a need for female muslim doctors in the western world and I do hope to pursue my career in such a way that I can help make a positive impact on peoples lives . As Allah wills. Lots of du'as Wasalaam naseema

February 05, 2019 — Shailendra Singh

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