About Stole For Women

Founded two decades ago in Mumbai, Stole for Women is now being recognized as a leading retail brand offering trendy and fashionable stoles and hijabs to the confident Muslimah. Stole for Women is a specialized online store and was established with a very clear objective – merging tradition with fashion.

All products that are designed keeping in mind today’s empowered Muslimah. Stole for Women has always stood for audacity in its designs that truly embrace the individuality of multiple cultures across the globe.

Trendy Fashion

It is extremely fashionable and look’s Super Charming.

Royal design

Our stole gives glamorous & super elegant look.

We offer a humongous assortment of Stoles and Hijabs in our outlets all across Mumbai. To reach to our customers in other parts of the world, there’s our convenient online store, where you can buy top-quality women’s clothing in just a few clicks. We truly believe that women are the same in more ways than they are different, so when we tailor our pieces we look past geographic divides and focus on creating beautiful items of clothing that not only celebrate the richness of Islam, but also embrace commonality between people from all cultures.

That’s just one of the reasons why we make clothing for women from all walks of life using only the best fabrics and handwork, in an array of colors and textures that make it easy for you to mix and match.