Back to Basics

In an earlier blog we already introduced our top-selling abaya of all the time, the Amatullah (read about it here). One of our next top-selling basics would be our Pleated...
May 14, 2019 — Ali H

Blog & Social Media

  Blog/Social Media Over 100,000 fans and growing daily! Follow us now on: Facebook: Twitter:
February 05, 2019 — Shailendra Singh

We Love Prints

Sometime last year EE jumped into the pool of prints. We were a bit skeptical at first because our customer base is largely traditionalists. We started small and received the...
February 05, 2019 — Shailendra Singh

Launching Our Ikat Line of Abayas & Tunics

Ikat is manual weaving of individual yarns or bundles of yarns with a tight wrapping to make a beautiful pattern. Our weavers at are inspired by the beautiful colors...
February 05, 2019 — Shailendra Singh

It's Getting Cold Outside

Summer’s over and we have officially hit the Fall season, which means Fall shopping! Pull out the sweaters and get the coats dry cleaned. If you are in the market...
February 05, 2019 — Shailendra Singh

History of Bandhani or Indian Tie & Dye Technique

The history of dyeing can be dated back to pre-historic times. This art finds its mentions in the Alexander the great time texts about the beautiful printed cottons of India....
February 05, 2019 — Shailendra Singh

Hijab Try-Out Day

Earlier this year we received a request from a sister that is the vice president of the MSA (Muslim Student Association) at Portland Community College in Oregon. She was hosting...
February 05, 2019 — Shailendra Singh

Amatullah Abaya

  A basic round neck, high enough to cover everything. The simple 2 snap button closure gives you enough space if you prefer to tuck your hijab inside. Two side...
December 03, 2018 — Parmanand Sagar

Scholarship Program 2011

Asalaamualaykum sis hope you are wellI graduated in MbChb Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, and I also got married in June Alhamdulillah...two blessings in one week!! Alhamdulillah receiving the...
September 20, 2018 — Edward Hopper