Saleha Beauty

Saleha Abbasi, renowned makeup artist and entrepreneur was born in Houston, TX but raised in Chicago, IL. At a very young age she became fond of everything beauty. While attending local schools, she worked at numerous cosmetic counters. Sometimes as the lead makeup artist or as a counter manager. After attending DePaul University in Chicago, Saleha decided to start her own Makeup Artistry company as the head makeup artist. Business boomed right away and Saleha's life was turned upside down as she went from an ordinary girl with high hopes to an international sensation.

She is now one of the most sought after makeup artists worldwide. After years of experience in the beauty industry, Saleha became extremely picky about the products she used on herself as well as her clients. She wanted to create a line that was super pigmented but still had the glamorous and luxurious look that she loved. Her vision was to create a Cruelty-free Cosmetic Line formulated with only the finest ingredients that are high performance and actually beneficial to your beauty concerns. This is when she partnered with her husband and "Saleha Beauty" was brought to life bringing glamour and luxury into everyone's homes one lipstick at a time. Saleha currently lives in Chicago, IL with her husband and son.