A basic round neck, high enough to cover everything. The simple 2 snap button closure gives you enough space if you prefer to tuck your hijab inside. Two side pockets make it easy enough to leave the house without a purse. Big enough for keys, your phone and a small money pouch. The placement of the pockets mid-thigh is intentional. While at first it may be awkward, the pocket placement is lower so that the addition of items to it doesn't add bulk to the hips.(I can afford to have less hip) and more importantly will take the discerning eye elsewhere.

The Amatullah is made with kashibo, an East Essence staple fabric. Almost synonymous with our name. Kashibo is a polyester fabric that has a slight sheen. It is durable (many people claim they still own the same Amatullah they bought when we first started 8 years ago). You can throw it in the wash and dryer at any setting. And best of all, ironing is not needed. Offered in over 10 new colors each season, and at the low price of $19.99, you can't own a better abaya. Click here to purchase this abaya.

December 03, 2018 — Parmanand Sagar