Summer’s over and we have officially hit the Fall season, which means Fall shopping! Pull out the sweaters and get the coats dry cleaned. If you are in the market for a new coat, sometimes it can be overwhelming with so many options and such high prices. I personally wait until the end of winter to get a sale price, which is still usually high if you are looking for a quality coat. Moreover, it’s rare if you can find a ankle length coat, which seems to be obsolete in the market unless it is the trend of the season.

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East Essence carries 100% wool and wool blend coats at full and customizable lengths for fair prices. Our coats go up to 7XL and lengths can be customized from 50"-66" for an additional $4.99! You can't find that ANYWHERE! We have various styles and silhouettes that will keep you in budget this winter. We are also offering some new and exciting colors. So stock up because they go fast!

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We’ve been offering coat options for the last 5 years and many people still have the same coat in their wardrobe. Coats are an investment that should last you a few winters if not more.

A recent coat purchase from one of our long time customers:

Assalamu' Aleikum,
I feel compelled to write to you, to tell you how your recent delivery has made me feel. Like a million bucks! All last Winter, I couldn't afford a coat because my kids needed Winter coats. This year? Momma has a FULL length Wool coat, with the most beautiful embroidered detail, AND several new Abayas. Your prices are amazing, your products are stunning and I am so very happy, please feel free to use my endorsement of your wonderful Islamic clothing,
jazakhalah khair,
Karen ( Huda) Nasseri

These coats are sure to make your winters warmer. Don’t know what coat to buy or what style would look best on you? Call our customer service team, we are here to help you choose the best option and fit. Also, check out more reviews on some of our top sellers. Head over to to see styles from last winter, and be sure to sign on to our newsletter for new released coat colors and styles.

February 05, 2019 — Shailendra Singh