Earnings are calculated at 25% of the total order value booked (minus the shipping costs if any). In case of custom stitched orders (fully customized) you will also get 50% of the customization fees which is $8 per item (Full customization costs $15.99). Full customization is an option only available to Ambassadors. It is not available to customers placing an order directly on our website. We will offer training to our Ambassadors on how to get accurate measurements for the fully Custom fitted orders.

You can also earn by referring Ambassadors to our program. You will receive an additional 5% on all sales brought in by your referred Ambassadors as long as both of you are active in the program. Typically, you are allowed to refer 3 ambassadors every quarter.

We will have an option for customers to search for Ambassadors in their geographical area and reach out to them to place orders. Any other queries that are received by EastEssence customer support for store locations or in person order booking will be sent to Ambassadors. We will start two new programs on our website “CUSTOM IS CONFIDENCE” and a “TRY BEFORE YOU BUY”. With these programs’ customers can request an Ambassador in their local area to come and help them with their correct fit.

On an average our Ambassadors can earn anywhere between $500- $2000 per month by working couple of days a week & up-to $5000/month by working full time.

Our program ranks Ambassadors by their sales volume. You can earn seller badges to get more privileges and Freebies. Badges will be awarded after first 4 months of sales

Silver badge - $1000 to $3999 monthly sales

  • $100 gift certificate on your birthday
  • EID gifts worth $200 to your family
  • 1 point for every dollar in sales

Gold badge - $4000 to $6999 monthly sales

  • $500 gift certificate on your birthday
  • EID gifts worth $500 to your family
  • 2 points for every dollar in sales

Platinum Badge- $ 7000+

  • $1000 gift certificate on your birthday
  • EID gifts worth $1000 to your family
  • 3 points for every dollar in sales

*Some basic restrictions apply

Points will expire at the end of the year. Status in the program will be dependent on sales accruals from last year.

  • Tea party with friends and family
  • That cousin or aunt who does not use internet
  • Community event stalls or mela’s
  • My Instagram page as an EE reseller
  • My Masjid Jummah bazaar
  • My college/ school festivals
  • My husband’s colleagues’ wives over get together’ s
  • My kids school WhatsApp group moms

And so many more ways to sell within your routine without the extra stretch!! Restrictions- NONE. Just get innovative.

You can sell to individuals, businesses, schools and institutions. No minimum orders needed.

20 orders/ month with an average of $100 per order is the minimum expected from any Ambassador.

Yes you can cancel anytime.

No they are yours to keep!