These seminars are to help with everyday challenges for our Muslim Communities near our neighbourhood. All these seminars will be held in Fremont, California. If you reside in the Bay Area and want to take advantage of these free seminars please send us an email to to sign up. If you live outside the Bay Area and would like to start these seminars in your area and need help starting it please send us an email to:


  • Women's Counseling: We will facilitate an open discussion where women can feel comfortable asking the questions that concern their daily lives towards being a better Muslim.
  • Free Arabic Classes: There will be classes for 3 to 5 year olds once a week for 9 weeks to teach the Arabic alphabet and how to spell their name. There will be Arabic classes for 6 to 16 year olds twice a week teaching basic Arabic.
  • Homework help: Twice a week we will provide tutoring on daily homework assignments for students from first grade to twelve grade.
  • Counseling for education: Helping students with how to apply for college, applying for financial aid, scholarship, how to pick a major, and how to prepare for college.
  • Help with applying to college: Helping students with application process, which schools is right for them, which school for their major, arranging meet ups with universities and counselors


February 04, 2019 — Shailendra Singh

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